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GoCrypto is the easiest way to accept cryptocurrencies at your local or online store with unmatched low transaction fees. An instant crypto payment platform helping you grow your business, simplify payments and hold the value of your money.
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Always get settled in your preferred local currency at a price you've set.
With just one GoCrypto payment gateway, you'll accept cashless payments from tens of millions of new tech-savvy customers using a range of crypto wallets like and Elly.
Your clients will be able to pay directly with bitcoin cash, GoC, bitcoin, ether and Euro Token with just a scan of a QR code. By offering a range of new payment options, you enable instant cryptocurrency transactions, automatically receiving a safe settlement in your desired local currency with no crypto volatility exposure.

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Your money. Your control.
GoCrypto is like your own financial department, giving you a clear overview of your point-of-sale performance.
Analyse payments by day, hour and location, and learn about your business to grow it even further. And when you need to send out those paychecks, transfer your holdings from your GoCrypto account to your local bank account with just a click.

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Three easy steps to get started.
It's super quick, easy, and free to start.
Stick the “Pay with crypto” sticker to your counter at your local store, or install one of our many supported payment plug-in solutions for a quick online store integration
Why choose GoCrypto?
Secure and private iconInstant crypto transactions
Low fees iconSettle in local currency
QR code iconLowest fees
Wrench tool iconFree installation
Avatar iconAccept on phone
Checkout cart iconSecure & private
Accept everyone.
Tens of millions of customers paying with Wallet and Elly - in bitcoin cash, GoC, bitcoin, ether and Euro Token.
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Rewards screen on the Elly appRewards screen on the Elly app
Loyalty and cashback.
Give your customers the ability to get back. In selected countries, your customers can earn a tokenback reward for every purchase with their Elly crypto wallet and its universal loyalty program.
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No hidden small print fees
Plans tailored to your business.
First 3 months fee-free!
For small businesses and direct sale
Free GoCrypto Web app
Accept payments with just your phone or a computer with a web POS
1.25% per transaction fee
For online stores
Free payment plug-ins for major online store platforms
Supporting Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, osCommerce, CS-cart, OpenCart, and more coming soon
1.45% per transaction fee
API access for your custom local and online solutions available.Contact us to get API access