Boost Your Revenue By Integrating GoCrypto Into Your Online Store

GoCrypto, the fastest-growing crypto payment network, offers a reliable and safe solution for online and in-store sales. GoCrypto’s services are available in 69 countries worldwide and are actively used in 32 of those countries. More than 2100 stores are using the GoCrypto payment network on a daily basis. The network is completely regulated, which makes it a safe option for merchants to grow their customer base and boost their revenue. 

While the crypto market cap is on its way to reaching an astonishing $2 trillion, crypto holders are still extremely limited with spending their assets. This is because only a small number of businesses have set up a system to accept crypto payments. Many business owners are still afraid of crypto for different reasons: they are not sure if it is legal, they do not know how to accept it, they think that the crypto money will somehow disappear or that they will not be able to exchange it for their local currency.

Another skyrocketing segment is the eCommerce market. In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately $4.9 trillion worldwide. In the year of the pandemic, global retail e-commerce sales grew by more than 25 percent. Estimates show that in the next four years online retail will grow by 50 percent, reaching about 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.

Millennials and Gen Z already represent 65 percent of the world population. They use digital currencies and crypto as a preferred payment method. Thirty percent of Gen Z and thirty-six percent of Millennials, who represent more than half of young adult shoppers, prefer online shopping to physical stores. 

A secure link between crypto and eCommerce

GoCrypto is a well-established solution for business owners who are looking to expand their eCommerce business. By integrating the crypto payment network, they will tap into the pool of over 300 million crypto users. The innovative approach to online sales will give them an undeniable competitive advantage as cryptocurrency will soon become a widely accepted form of payment.

The GoCrypto team made integration of their payment network simple and fast. Merchants can accept GoCrypto payments on their online stores by installing plugins for any of the major eCommerce platforms, like WooCommerce, Magento, prestaShop, Opencart, osCommerce, or Cs.cart, to name a few. For all those online retailers who are searching for more tailored solutions, GoCrypto also offers custom integration.

Merchants who wish to integrate the GoCrypto payment solution can access the online self-service portal and complete a short introductory form. Once the integration is completed, the payment system is ready to be used. The GoCrypto Merchant dashboard gives merchants a complete overview of all transactions, billings, and payouts with advanced filters and exports for accounting purposes. They can also manage company and store details, including settlement currency. The GoCrypto solution provides merchants the option to choose in which currency they want to receive their settlements. They can choose between their local currency or any of the supported cryptocurrencies, and they can change their selected option at any time. The selection comes into effect at the end of each month and applies for the following month. If business owners select to be settled in crypto, the Dashboard also enables them to manage received crypto-assets and their withdrawal.

The user-friendly payment process

When a customer visits your online store and decides to pay for a product in crypto, he can simply choose the GoCrypto option at the checkout step. Customers can decide to pay with one of the following three wallets: Binance Pay, Wallet, and Elly Wallet. These wallets support payments with more than 50 cryptocurrencies combined. Binance Pay and Wallet are two of the biggest wallets in the crypto space, while Elly Wallet was developed by GoCrypto’s company Eligma. All three are secure and regulated to comply with all relevant legislative requirements.

The fastest-growing crypto payment network in the world

GoCrypto has already achieved the status of the fastest-growing crypto payment network worldwide. It has over 2100 locations in over 32 countries and can be used in a variety of retail segments, from auto-moto, electronics, entertainment, and fashion, to food and drinks, home improvements, retail, sports, and travel. 

The GoCrypto payment network is reliable, safe, and easy to use. It offers a continuous support system through live chat, email, or phone calls. If you are ready to expand your customer base and grow your revenue, visit our website and start accepting crypto payments today!

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