Digital payments in every store

Eligma enters a strategic partnership with Lab4Pay and BTC to develop a holistic solution integrating a variety of payment options at the point-of-sale.  

The issue of too many non-compatible integrations

One of the biggest issues that merchants face today is not a lack of payment solutions to offer at their point-of-sale, but that this often entails an individual integration time and time again. At Eligma, our mission is to make technology work for people, not vice versa. Our strategic partnership with the companies Lab4Pay and BTC aims to develop a holistic innovation supporting both traditional and the latest payment methods.

One device, countless payment methods

Our joint aim is to offer an all-in-one-place solution — a single device that enables merchants to accept both classic and new ways of payment: credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other solutions that reflect the latest commerce trends.

The device’s state-of-the art integration system will support addition of an unlimited number of new payment options as well as integration with tax software and customer management applications.

We also aim to extend the tech benefits of this concept to online merchants — through a state-of-the-art holistic online platform.

Miha Culibeg, founder and CEO of Lab4Pay, explains: “Our partnership with Eligma is the first step towards offering merchants alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency payments, chiefly used by younger and upcoming generations at this point.”

Cashless after COVID-19

Culibeg goes on to say: “… At the time of COVID-19, the transition from classic to electronic payments is all the more important. In addition to the expanded set of payment methods at physical points-of-sale, however, Lab4Pay has provided the same user experience to the rapidly developing online shopping segmentOpen to Android solution providers, our platform makes it easier for merchants to conduct their online business in an easier and cheaper way. We therefore invite all software solution providers for points-of-sale to collaborate with us and increase the range of their services for merchants.”

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From left to right: Damjan Kralj (BTC), Miha Culiberg (Lab4Pay), Dejan Roljic (Eligma)

BTC City and digital payments

Damjan Kralj, MSc, CEO of BTC, states: “The investment in Lab4Pay marks another step forward on our Digital Mission, which commits us to developing digital solutions for merchants and consumers … We believe that the synergies of the BTC company, the global presence of Eligma and the years of payment systems experience of Lab4Pay will offer a solution to the Slovenian and foreign markets that will help redefine customer management at the point-of-sale.”

Bringing digital payments to the store near you

Dejan Roljic, founder and CEO of Eligma, said: “We are excited that Eligma, in partnership with Lab4Pay and BTC, will be able to offer a comprehensive solution that combines established and state-of-the-art alternative payment solutions in one place, and present it to companies in many parts of the world. This will enable the customer to always be able to select the most suitable payment method, and the merchant to quickly and easily make a variety of payment options a part of their daily business operations. With this strategic decision, we are putting cryptocurrency payments on an equal level as card and other digital payments.”

The vision of Eligma is to transform commerce through user-friendly solutions that benefit both the merchant and the consumer. We believe that our partnership with Lab4Pay and BTC is a major step in this direction.

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