Great news! Elly crypto wallet increases its exchange limit

Elly, the first all-in-one crypto wallet, brings more crypto goodies in its latest version. Buying and selling crypto has become even easier. You are now able to buy or sell BCH, BTC, ETH, GoC, LTC, VIB or XTZ in the total daily amount of the 1,000 EUR value equivalent!

Of course, this is only one of the numerous features that make this wallet highly practical and relevant in this day and age:

Contactless payments
Minimum physical contact and keeping a safety distance are top priorities at physical stores. Elly enables you to pay by scanning the purchase QR code and never even touching the merchant’s terminal as the transaction confirmation is made on your phone. 

Handy store search
Whatever type of store you are looking for, Elly enables easy filtering of GoCrypto locations (stores and services that enable easy crypto payments through the GoCrypto system). Filter by countries, 14 different store categories or opening times for maximum comfort. 

Shop with crypto or non-crypto 
In addition to crypto, Elly also supports payments with pre-deposited Euro value in all countries except Croatia. 

Free transfers to other Elly wallet holders
Sending funds has never been easier and faster. Transfers to your friends with Elly are instant and completely free of charge. 

Get rewarded  every time you shop
We saved the best for last! Every time you pay with cryptocurrencies, Elly rewards you with an automatic “cashback”’ in GoC tokens. 

How to become a proud owner of the Elly wallet? Download it at App Store or Google Play!