Elly wallet supports 3 new currencies. Welcome LTC, VIB and XTZ!

All good things come in threes, and what better way to honour the crypto community than by adding support for three new currencies: Litecoin (LTC), Tezos (XTZ) and the Viberate token (VIB)! 

Elly wallet holders can now use 7 cryptocurrencies altogether: BCH (Bitcoin Cash), BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ether), GoC (the GoCrypto token), LTC (Litecoin), VIB (the Viberate token) and XTZ (Tezos), and can buy or sell them in the app itself.

Why shop with the Elly wallet?

  • It’s fast.

It beats the speed of credit cards and LOL, cash. No more counting coins and dropping them. Just use your phone — the only piece of equipment you need to pay with crypto!

  • It’s international.

You can use Elly at offline and online stores in many different countries; check out the whole list of GoCrypto locations here. So long, exchange offices and exchange fees. With the Elly wallet, you’ll always be paying like a local.

  • It’s contactless.

Don’t touch, just scan! Simply scan the purchase QR code with your Elly wallet, confirm the transaction and you’re done — without touching the merchant’s terminal and keeping a distance of several feet.

  • It’s rewarding.

Did you know that using the Elly wallet can bring you up to 2% crypto back every time you shop? Woop, check it out!

  • It’s free for transfers. Worldwide.

Would you like to split a dinner bill with your friends? No problem — transfers between Elly wallets are completely free wherever you are.

  • And well, it’s simply cool.

Elly’s slick design and user-friendly features takes the use of crypto in daily life to a brand new level. If there are any other currencies you would like us to add, do let us know!