GoC token listed on the CoinFLEX exchange starting tomorrow

Big news! Tomorrow, 4 February 2021 at 10 AM CET, our GoC token will start trading on CoinFLEX!

Launched in early 2019, CoinFLEX (Coin Futures and Lending Exchange) is also known as the world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange, developed to provide avenues for investors to hedge cryptocurrency exposure with minimal index or price settlement risk. CoinFLEX has arguably the lowest trading fees on the market, even without the range of its unique incentives to make it even lower. A very interesting feature are also their Flex assets, which have created ample buzz in the crypto community for a unique reason: they pay interest while you hold them in your wallet! CoinFLEX is the platform behind flexUSD, the only stablecoin to pay interest on-chain. flexUSD pays interest every 8 hours on the BCH and ETH blockchain, and has been paying 5-20% APR.

Dejan Roljic, Eligma CEO, stated the following: “Being listed on the CoinFLEX exchange marks another important step in the exposure and advancement of the GoC token. With major innovative steps in its utility through elly POS, a POS-terminal we developed to combine traditional payments like cards and the latest digital payment methods including crypto, GoC is to be used as a loyalty reward for all of these payment methods. This means that GoC will become part of the daily shopping world. For this reason, being present on the CoinFLEX exchange platform is an excellent way of bringing GoC closer to the interested public.There is also a possibility of integrating the flexUSD stablecoin concept into our payment solutions at some point in the future.”

Mark Lamb, CoinFlex CEO, stated the following: ‘’GoCrypto plays an important role in the crypto ecosystem, making it seamless and easy for merchants and businesses to accept crypto and convert to fiat. GoC token has deep integrations into real world businesses and plays an important part of the GoCrypto ecosystem. CoinFLEX is excited to be part of this ecosystem and looking forward to working with GoCrypto going forward to bring crypto and interest bearing stablecoins to the masses.’’

GoC, a true utility token
The listing of GoC on CoinFLEX will bring GoC closer to millions of crypto users. One of the greatest advantages of the GoC token is that its utility is now expanding from the crypto sphere (as a loyalty token used on the GoCrypto network) into the mainstream world. With the use of elly POS – a POS terminal that enables merchants to accept card, crypto or other digital payments on one single device, the loyalty rewards in GoC will be extended to all shoppers with all the supported payment methods. You are invited to read the full in-depth report on GoC tokenomics

Following the big investment by Bitcoin.com earlier this year, our GoC token merits more exposure and thus a new exchange platform.The CoinFLEX exchange is an excellent opportunity to present the GoC token and its advantages to the quickly growing crypto community.

Listing information and details 

Deposit & Withdrawal: 4 Feb, 2021, 6 AM CET

Trading open: 4 Feb, 2021, 10 AM CET

Trading pair: GOC/USD Spot

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