GoCrypto now also available in South America — with Xpay

After a number of new countries joining GoCrypto over the last few months, we are very proud to be expanding to another continent. Where? In partnership with XpayGoCrypto is now available at nearly 200 locations in ColombiaVenezuela and Argentina. This makes the number of GoCrypto countries 13 in total.

Xpay was released and presented to the public in the first quarter of 2019. It was created as a payment gateway aiming to meet a need regarding the expansion and adoption of digital assets: more points where they are accepted in order to ease their everyday use.

The roots of the partnership between Xpay and Eligma actually go back to May last year, when the Xpay team visited Eligma in Slovenia. Dejan Roljic visited Colombia and Venezuela last November, and was very impressed by the potential that the use of crypto has shown in these two countries in more aspects than one.

Not only does crypto represent a useful alternative to high-inflation local currency in Venezuela, but a fast and reliable payment method that provides the merchants with an additional payment option for their customers in both countries. Xpay enables merchants to accept payments made in BCH, BTC, DAI, DASH and ZEN while the integration of GoCrypto will also add ETH and the GoC token to the mix (through the use of the Elly wallet).

The joint presentation of the GoCrypto and Xpay partnership in South America has already begun. In early December, they exhibited together in Uruguay — at the 7. LABITCONF, one of the biggest and most important blockchain events in this part of the world.

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