Major cashier services provider now accepts crypto payments: GoCrypto in Romania

GoCrypto is joined by one of the most popular software solution providers for retail in Romania, Magister. This cashier payment service provider now enables merchants to accept crypto payments through the SmartCash RMS software platform, already used by over 40,000 users and at over 8,000 locations nationwide.

Cryptocurrencies directly at the cash register

The addition of GoCrypto to this point-of-sale solution allowed users in Romania to pay with cryptocurrency at the cash register practically overnight! The transactions are enabled for the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), GoCrypto (GOC), Tezos (TEZ), Litecoin (LTC), and Viberate (VIB). 

The news generated quite a press buzz in Romania; here are a few snippets.

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Pay with crypto through a mobile application

Shoppers now have the option to pay with crypto at the cash register through Elly and the Wallet. The SmartCash POS application already accepted traditional payments; with the simple addition of GoCrypto, they now also support payments with cryptocurrency wallets — the preferred payment method for the next generations.

New era, new payment methods

Due to the pandemic, the consumer perception has shifted, and the need for contactless, quick and secure payments has now opened the doors to digital payments, which provide the perfect solution. We have interviewed Magister’s CEO and founder, Mr. Dor Bujor Padureanu, on the recent integration of cryptocurrency into their point-of-sale solution

Magister, the developer of the SmartCash RMS software platform, saw GoCrypto as an essential tool for the next evolutionary phase of payment services.

Adding crypto payments to your cash register: GoCrypto and Magister

  • Welcome to the GoCrypto payment network! Could you tell us something about the Magister company and its services?  

Magister is one of the most important retail solution providers in Romania. The software solution developed by our company, SmartCash RMS, is used in over 8000 physical stores throughout the country.

Our sales solutions encourage the use of digital and omni-cash payment systems for merchants. We are already closely integrated with the payment operators in the banking system and with the classic electronic wallets available on the local market.

  • Why did you decide to offer your merchants the possibility to accept crypto payments through GoCrypto?

The decision to implement payment with cryptocurrency directly at the point-of-sale was determined by the high availability among the young generation of this type of currency.

The transition to cryptocurrencies and to the blockchain environment, especially among educated youth in Romania like everywhere else, is a fact. 

  • Why do you want to offer crypto payments in addition to the other payment methods?

The problem has always been that these cryptocurrencies could not be used as easily in the offline environment, at the cash register level. The main impediment: the long duration of transactions at least for the classic cryptocurrencies, due to the blockchain technology. This is where GoCrypto comes in, with this revolutionary service, which facilitates real-time cryptocurrency payments.

This new technology takes the world of digital payments to a new level, where buyers will be able to use various fast payment methods, and merchants will benefit from a fast, simple and secure sales process, no matter how the customer chooses to pay. The use of cryptocurrencies directly at the cash register, transforms this type of currency into the cash of the future. 

  • What advantages can your merchants gain by integrating GoCrypto?

For merchants, the main advantage is simplicity. Many of them are already used with modern web payment management platforms. The GoCrypto web platform allows them to manage online transactions in local currency, without being involved in any way in complicated cryptocurrency transactions.

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