Merchant Dashboard as next-level banking solution for business financial independence.

Imagine a tool with which you manage all your finances. Control crypto and fiat aspects of your business, pay your employees and suppliers, and use crypto, payment cards and IBAN in a closed-loop financial solution. All on one platform! Welcome to our Merchant Dashboard vision.

Keep an eye out for your friends, and an even closer one on your business. A free Merchant Dashboard gives you a complete overview of all your business processes to make smarter decisions. The many practicalities now include the possibility to monitor all payments, filter transactions, check their general statistics, and easily access billings and payout information. All the data is easily exportable for tax and accounting purposes. You can also smoothly manage your company information and all the stores connected to it.

Now, we are transforming the Merchant Dashboard into a holistic tool that supports all our products and where a merchant can manage their entire finances in a single place: track all the transactions; make payments to employees and suppliers; send payments in seconds and monitor them easily wherever the merchant is; accept payments 24/7. Simply put: control the entire financial flow

1.   Making crypto exchanges accessible to every merchant.

We are making crypto exchanges accessible to every merchant. The merchant will be able to easily purchase ‘credit’ (deposits, top-ups) that they need for offering crypto exchange services and for instant settling of their obligations with us in this connection. The Merchant Dashboard will enable USDT top-ups for merchants that offer exchange services through any of our products. The top-ups will be possible in different ways, including payment cards at some point in the future. Apart from protecting the merchant from crypto volatility, USDT top-ups will also enable instant settling of the financial obligations between Eligma and the merchant. This will make business easier, especially in countries where receiving settlement in local currencies is more challenging.  

2.   A single sign-in for Elly POS Merchant Dashboard and GoCrypto Merchant Dashboard.

Save major time on daily tasks. Closing up shop at the end of the day no longer requires four different dashboards on three different devices. Instead of having to manage these Dashboards on different devices, manage them all with a single sign-in. After that, there will be a layer with shortcuts leading not only to these two Merchant Dashboards, which will ultimately become a single tool, but also to other payment method related dashboards used by the merchant, enabling one-stop management of both crypto- and fiat-based services.

3.   The end Merchant Dashboard vision. Manage all your company finance in one place!

Whether it is fiat or crypto aspects of our products that you use, manage it all from a single point of entry, in a closed-loop system that enables you full control over your company finances:

  • Keep track of all the transactions at all your stores in one place, no matter which payment method was used; 
  • Modify company data and add new business units with zero hassle; 
  • Execute and schedule payments for your employees and suppliers; send them in seconds and monitor them easily wherever you are;
  • Get paid effectively by accepting payments around the clock;
  • Save your time with smart invoicing software and customizable tools;
  • Overview your income and expenses, and export the data easily for your accounting or tax needs.  

In short, the Merchant Dashboard of the future will enable the merchant to manage all financial aspects of their business from a single point, instantly. The e-money license will play a central role in elevating the Merchant Dashboard to an all-in-one tool that enables a holistic management of your finance as a merchant. One access to all financial assets of your business.

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