One day, two nominations at the Central European Startup Awards!

What can possibly be better than a day when you get an award nomination? A day when you get two! We have recently been nominated for Startup of the Year in Slovenia at the prestigious Central European Startup Awards, in two different categories: Startup of the Year and Best Fintech Startup.

The Central European Startup Awards cover one of the founding regions of the Global Startup Awards, which are renowned as the largest independent startup ecosystem competition on the global scale. Their aim is to discover, select and connect the crème de la crème of the startup world — young companies and visionaries whose solutions will make a difference to future development. We are honored that our company, too, is on their excellence radar.

As the global facilitators of seamless and secure crypto, digital and card payments, our aim is to make the payment process simple, effective and secure for everyone involved. We are working towards solutions that enable diverse payment method providers to rely on easy-to-use technologies that enable easy switching from one to the other for a smooth checkout process for both the merchant and the shopper.

We would like to thank the Central European Startup Awards for kindly inviting us to participate in the competition after we were nominated, and to the fintech and crypto communities for noticing our efforts and supporting us in our hard work.

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