GoCrypto solutions tailored
to your business.

Everything you need to start accepting cryptocurrencies at your local and online stores is right here. Three simple packages helping small business owners and enterprise merchants grow their business.
For small businesses and direct sale
GoCrypto Web app turns every phone, tablet, or a computer into a POS cryptocurrency payment processors and is especially popular with our small business owners, pop-up shops, freelancers and others that don't yet use a cashier or payment system provider. Accept crypto simply like accepting cash by opening the GoCrypto Web app and charging your customer with a simple QR code scan.

  • Accept payments with just your phone or a computer with a web POS
  • Free GoCrypto Web app
  • No hidden small print fees
  • First 3 months fee-free
  • 1.25% per transaction fee

For online stores
Easily accept crypto in your online store with one of our many free GoCrypto payment gateway plug-ins for a super quick web store integration. All our plug-ins are free, and we're continuously adding support to the GoCrypto cryptocurrency payment processors for more.

Supported platforms
  • cs.cart logo
  • Magento logo
  • OpenCart logo
  • osCommerce logo
  • PrestaShop logo
  • WooCommerce logo
  • More coming soon...

  • Free payment plug-ins for major online store platforms
  • No hidden small print fees
  • First 3 months fee-free
  • 1.45% per transaction fee

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