The Winners of the $500 GoC token Giveaway

It is our great pleasure to announce the five lucky winners of our latest Giveaway. 
Each of them will receive $100 in GoC tokens to provided addresses. Congratulations! 

Would the following five participants please check their wallets:

1. Twitter: @adilElouardi11, Telegram: @ADFRMN0

2) Twitter: @SPaul61645321, Telegram: @snikipaul

3) Twitter: @Zkarzaz, Telegram: @karzaz123

4) Twitter: @palladinho96, Telegram: @pallaim

5) Twitter: @ouahebouaheb2, Telegram: @ouaheb

In order to display GoC token balance in your wallet, one must add it as a custom token.
GoC contract address: 0x4b85a666dec7c959e88b97814e46113601b07e57

Thank you for participating in the GoCrypto giveaway. 

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