GoCrypto Token.

The GoCrypto (GoC) token is a true utility commerce token used for payments on the GoCrypto platform and in the scope of our loyalty.

A true multi-chain utility token.

The GoCrypto (GoC) token is a multi-chain utility token issued on the Bitcoin Cash (SLP) blockchain, Smart Bitcoin Cash (smartBCH) chain, and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with Solana (SOL) soon to follow.

GoC is integrated into all our applications and services, and is used for payments on the GoCrypto platform and in our loyalty program. This makes GoC a true utility token with wide usability.

Users of our Elly Wallet can use GoC for shopping at local and online stores; in selected countries, they can receive a tokenback reward for every purchase. We continue to broaden the utility of the GoC token and add value for merchants and users.

The total supply of the GoC token is 299,095,759 GoC and will never exceed this amount, no matter how many blockchains the GoC token supports. We are not minting and burning tokens in real time; instead, we have duplicated supplies on every supported chain that is illiquid and held on reserve addresses. A certain amount of tokens can only become liquid when the same GoC amount from another chain gets locked on one of the reserve addresses through the GoC Bridge App.

Tokenomics 2.0


The timeline of the upcoming features and updates of the GoC token, GoCrypto payment network, and our products.

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