How it works.

Crypto or cryptocurrency is a next-generation digital currency. You can use it just like electronic or paper money, for example to shop at online and local shops or to pay for services.

The payment process.

Paying with crypto has never been faster, easier and safer!

yellow elephant GoGrypto sticker with end unsticked

1. GoCrypto location

You can recognize a GoCrypto merchant by a yellow elephant sticker, usually at the store entrance or next to the cash register. You can also find it on our live location map.

2. I want to #paywithcrypto

When the cashier asks you how you would like to pay, inform them you’ll be paying with crypto.

3. Scan the QR code

Using your mobile phone camera, simply scan the QR code at the register and use any of our supported wallets: the Wallet, Elly Wallet or Binance Pay.