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You don’t need to be a crypto expert to accept cryptocurrencies. We have developed GoCrypto with the ease of use as our top priority. So your crypto payments are secure, lightning-fast and more convenient than taking a picture.
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Grow your business to new levels with crypto payments.
Cater to tens of millions of tech-savvy cryptocurrency users worldwide who expect to pay in local and online stores with their crypto money. Simplify payments with GoCrypto and optimize your checkout process to focus on your customers instead. With GoCrypto, you’ll instantly accept payments from customers using crypto wallets like and Elly and paying in bitcoin cash, GoC, bitcoin, ether or Euro Token.
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It's super easy to accept cryptocurrencies.
There’s no need to be a financial expert to accept crypto payments. Accept crypto currencies simply like you have always accepted any other payment options. Like cash, credit and debit cards. No need to calculate the exchange rate as you'll always get settled in your local currency and at the price you've set. You and your sales team will find it natural to use and will require no specialized training to start using GoCrypto.
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With safety in mind.
All your received crypto payments will be securely held in offline cold storage, making them safe while waiting to be exchanged and transferred to your local bank account. GoCrypto charges no running and maintenance costs. Just one of the smallest transaction fees per payment.
Frequently asked questions.

Crypto or cryptocurrency is a next-generation digital currency. You can use it just like electronic or paper money, for example, to shop at online and local shops or to pay for services. As a merchant or service provider, you can easily accept it at your point-of-sale.

Some of the most well-known cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, various tokens, etc. They differ in a variety of ways, but paying with and accepting them is precisely the same when you use the GoCrypto system.

Get new customers. There are more than 40 million crypto wallet users worldwide.

Meet new expectations. 11% of buyers expect they will be able to use cryptocurrencies in the future.

Seize new opportunities. Rising crypto prices result in customers spending more at locations that enable crypto payments.

No change. Accept new currencies but your business remains the same - receive your local currency and the price you have set.

GoCrypto is the infrastructure for accepting instant payments from different crypto wallets. Accept crypto at your store or service, but always receive purchase amounts exchanged into your local currency (e.g. euro, Croatian kuna, Turkish lira). No crypto knowledge and no technical modifications are needed. GoCrypto is simply added to your existing POS system.

Easy start: no crypto knowledge or training necessary

Easy process: accept crypto and receive settlements in your local currency

Easy integration: integrated into your existing software or custom integration

Unmatched low fees: lower than with credit cards

Instant transactions: quicker than with credit cards or cash

Security: the transaction does not go through without enough funds in your buyer’s account

Loyalty program: crypto tokenback reward for your buyers with the Elly wallet in selected countries

The GoCrypto system consists of a GoCrypto POS connected to the GoCrypto payment network through the internet. Each merchant can use one or several POS to accept crypto payments from buyers.

The POS solution is entirely free and is available in these forms:

Local stores:

Free web POS app (also great for market stalls – use your mobile phone to accept crypto payments)

Free integrated POS (for merchants that use supported cashier software)

Online stores:

Free plug-in POS for major online store platforms

Custom options:

Custom API integration available

Using and storing cryptocurrencies safely follows many of the same rules as being safe online. The crypto wallet needs to be protected from the security viewpoint and store the majority of the funds offline; when accessing the funds, the crypto holder needs to use secure connections.

GoCrypto enables merchants to accept crypto payments but delivers all the purchase amounts exchanged into their local currency. In this way, the merchant is completely isolated from any crypto volatility concerns.

Just like you store physical paper money in physical wallets, cryptocurrencies are kept in crypto wallets. A crypto wallet is very similar to an electronic bank account. The cryptocurrency is locked in there and can only be accessed with the right password key. After opening a wallet, the user can send the funds from it to other wallets or users (e.g. friends) or use them as payment. A crypto wallet can also receive transfers; you just need to give the sender its “number” (address).

GoCrypto enables merchants to accept different crypto wallets from buyers. This is very similar to a POS that accepts different credit/debit cards. With GoCrypto as the only payment gateway needed, we simplify business for merchants as they can serve millions of different wallet users.

Today, merchants can accept crypto without having to know anything about crypto wallets. The GoCrypto system is the custodian (‘keeper’) of the merchant’s crypto wallet but delivers the purchase amounts to the merchant’s business account exchanged into the local currency (e.g. euros).

GoCrypto enables your clients the use of bitcoin cash, GoC, bitcoin and ether currencies as well as the Euro Token. However, the process of payment is exactly the same in all cases, and you receive the settlement in your local currency.

Currently, GoCrypto accepts Elly and the Wallet. The process of payment is always the same for you though.

Accepting bitcoin payments at your local or online store is very simple. Simply sign up for a GoCrypto merchant account and start accepting cryptocurrencies with a simple scan of a QR code – on your phone or through any other payment option integrated into your existing payment system. You will always get settled in your local currency at a local price you have set.

All types of payment have experienced their highs and lows in terms of use, including crypto. But without supply, there can be no demand. If no shops accept crypto, people will not be able to spend it anywhere.

The use of cryptocurrencies is still developing for two reasons. First, cryptocurrencies are quite new. Second, there are still not so many locations accepting crypto. This is now changing, and shops and services that accept it have a tremendous competitive advantage when the crypto value rises.

In contrast to credit cards, crypto wallets do not have membership fees, so they are very convenient for the buyers. GoCrypto extends the same convenience to merchants as we do not charge any installation and maintenance fees, just one of the lowest transaction fees. Another plus is the speed. GoCrypto transactions are significantly faster than those of credit cards.

At the beginning, the credit card was a piece of cardboard. But times change, and credit cards are now used offline and online. GoCrypto enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies through their existing POS system (the same one as is used for credit cards). Among other advantages, the GoCrypto Web POS app enables the use of mobile phones for accepting payments; this is very convenient in direct sales — e.g. at market stalls.

Since all settlements you receive with GoCrypto are in your local currency, there is no specialized crypto or technical knowledge necessary. Just the existing software that you already use for your business.

When buyers use crypto wallets and pay through GoCrypto, the settlements in merchants' local currency are sent to their business bank account in regular intervals – on every 12th, 19th and 26th day of the month and on every 4th day of the next month.

The mission of Eligma, the founder of GoCrypto, is to make cryptocurrencies a part of daily shopping. With free integration and maintenance, we would like to help merchants see how straightforward to operate the GoCrypto system is. All you need to do is get it by clicking here.

Just follow this link. Fill in the information about your shop or service, and all the necessary documentation and infrastructure will be created automatically so you can start using GoCrypto immediately.

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