Your business flow just got smoother. Welcome to Elly Manager!

At Eligma, we are proud to make technology work for the user, not vice versa. The aim of our merchant products is to simplify their sales process as well as the management aspects of their business.

Aware that many merchants use several of our products at once (e.g. the Elly POS payment terminal and, within it, the GoCrypto system for accepting currencies), our latest upgrade of the management system enables them to do that with maximum efficiency: merchants with Elly POS and/or GoCrypto now use one single dashboard, Elly Manager!

This innovation is designed to provide the merchant with constant practical upgrades for more effective business management. The latest new feature provides an overview of all payouts. Our aim is to eventually show all payouts of all supported payment methods.

The aim of Elly Manager is to provide all our merchants with an easy overview of all the merchant products, making sure they access all the functionalities with ease to effectively oversee and direct their business flow.

Interested in a POS terminal that lets you accept cards, digital payments and cryptocurrencies on one device? Find out more here!

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